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Ukraine Crewing Data - это бесплатный электронный справочник по основным крюинговым компаниям Украины. (Адреса, телефоны, e-mails, web-pages, типы судов)

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Carefully to Carry
Timber deck cargoes

This article makes reference to the vessel’s Cargo Securing Manual, which is required by the IMO; the IMO Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing, and; the IMO Code of Safe Practice for Ships Carrying Timber Deck Cargoes, 1991, with the included interpretation of Regulation 44 of the International Convention on Load Lines.

There continues to be a steady incidence of timber deck cargoes being lost overboard, sometimes with catastrophic results for ship and crew. It is therefore more important than ever to ensure that the carriage, stowage and securing of timber deck cargoes does not fall short of any currently accepted codes, rules, regulations or formal recommendations, including the IMO Cargo Securing Manual regulations mandatory since 1 January 1998 for all ships other than exempted ships. Those involved with the carriage of timber deck cargoes should have a full knowledge of the IMO Code and be alert to
the ongoing probability of future amendments.

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